There are different types of insects that are prevalent in the United States. These insects cause harm to property and people, not to mention a lot of health threats. Invasive pests are introduced by mistake or design. Typically, they don’t have predators in their habitats, which is how their populations can expand quickly and easily across the nation. These are the most common insects that you may find in your home: 

1. Bugs  

There are a lot of bugs seen in all 50 states of the United States. While bugs don’t pose any threat to human health, they tend to seek refuge inside your homes in the winter. During early spring, bugs reappear and become active indoors and outdoors. You know they are around because they have a particularly unpleasant smell.   

2. Ticks  

Long-horned ticks first found in the state of New Jersey when they came from Asia to the USA. Some ticks can transmit fatal diseases to humans and animals. These ticks easily spread as the female species may reproduce even without male partners. Asian longhorn ticks carry diseases like Lyme disease, Japanese frozen fever, Ehrlichiosis, and Powassan virus.  

3. Flies  

Lanternflies are rampant in Virginia, Delaware, Connecticut, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and New York. Lanternflies pose a major threat to fruits and trees, particularly grapes. Masses of eggs are found on trees, under the rocks, and on outdoor furniture. So if you see these pests, scrape their egg masses. Put them inside a secured bag and then throw them away. You may contact the local agriculture department to monitor the proliferation of these invasive species. 

4. Ants  

Fire Ants are among the most common insects and they are first found in Alabama, after being imported from Brazil. Fire ants are found all over the West and South and they will attack people who will disrupt or damage their nests. They often move through potted plants, trees, and shrubs. When they bite, you’ll feel painful pulsations. If you’re allergic to the sting of insects, then your body will respond negatively faster. While ants are generally found outside, they can penetrate your HVAC units and get inside your home.   

5. Termites  

Termites originated in China. They were transported to the United States during the Second World War through the cargo shipments for the military. Now, termites are found all over the U.S. These pests can damage wood, wallpaper, and floors. Apparently, the mature termite colonies can eat about one-foot wood in a day, causing massive structural damage in six months. Store firewood must be least 20 meters away from your home. Place it five centimeters above the ground to avoid an outbreak.  

If you encounter any of these insects in your home, then you need to hire the experts in pest control Springfield MO. They are going to help you get rid of these pests in the most humane way. Remember that pest control isn’t something that you could do on your own. So don’t attempt to get rid of these pests as you might just harm yourself in doing so.